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Weight Watchers Site

Weight Watchers is the ubiquitous weight loss lifestyle brand in Ireland, hosting hundreds of classes nationwide with tens of thousands attendees every week. Despite having an impressive on-the-ground network and community, their digital community was non-existent and their website was in need of a major overhaul.

The first item we tackled was their website, where we added essential functionality such as the meeting finder tool, which is vital in assisting people to finding classes that are convenient to their locality and availability. Whilst working with Weight Watchers we quickly realised that they are not promoting a ‘diet’ but a ‘lifestyle’, so there was a real need to develop a website that not only serviced those looking for rudimentary details such as meeting times and venues, but also rich ‘magazine’ style content that would bring people back to the site every month.

Currently the site enjoys an average of 61,000 visits a month with an even split of new and returning visitors – proof that the strategy is working.

In January this year we launched a monthly EDM to start the next phase of engaging with their community through digital channels, and after only a couple of months we now have over 20,000 people signed up to the monthly EDM – with results like these we’re looking forward to our next project with Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers Site

BMI Calculator. We developed this tool for the site which measures your BMI (Body Mass Index).
Weight Watchers eDM. This Monthly eDM is sent out to over 22,000 members, informing them of all the latest offers and news.
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