The Dub Hub

In 2011, we worked with Vodafone on the digital activation of their Dublin GAA sponsorship; we’d like to think that our involvement that year helped the Dubs in some small way to go on and win their first Sam for over a decade, but that might be an over statement. We did however help Vodafone to create their own branded digital environments for their sponsorship, creating and communicating all of the activity that Vodafone was doing to support the Dubs and their fans as sponsor. This included the Dub Hub website, the branded application for iPhone and Android and Facebook engagement applications.

Fans were able to get into the heart of the Hurling and Football teams activity throughout the season, with unprecedented behind the scenes access through intimate content, insider blogs and on the ground activation with Dubs players and fans that was integrated digitally for people to enjoy even if they weren’t able to attend those events.

The Dub Hub

The Dubhub

Vodafone Dub Hub Website

The Dub Hub

In 2011 we identified that whilst they had done a good job creating a supporters hub, hill16.ie, Vodafone did not have a digital hub for their sponsorship activities; so the Dub Hub was born as a site within the Hill 16 site. The unique user interface design was developed to provide a ‘poster’ interface of all the big activities that Vodafone were creating for players and fans throughout the season, delivering a quality and style that helped users feel that this was a committed sponsorship from a committed sponsor – fans needed some convincing as changing sponsors is often deemed bad luck, so we wanted to reassure them that Vodafone were the real deal.

Vodafone Match Day Live

Match Day Live

One of the key features of the Dub Hub site, and which was also a feature on the Hill 16 Smartphone application, was the Match Day Live feature. This provided fans with a minute by minute commentary of all Dublin Hurling and Football matches throughout the season and which also provided the digital assets with one of the ‘stickiest’ forms of content bringing people back to the website and application every week throughout the season.

Dub Hub Smartphone App

Smartphone App

Vodafone already had an application for iPhone users in place from 2010, however we went about upgrading the content features and interface design for the 2011 season, as well as releasing an Android version of the app for the burgeoning Android market at the time.

The new and upgraded app adhered to the new design template that had been developed for the dub Hub website, and embraced new key features such as the Match Day Live tool.

Dub Hub Wishes Wall

Wishes Wall

One of the key objectives of the campaign was to increase our Facebook fan base, so in order to help drive likes we produced a specialist application called the Wishes Wall which allowed all Dubs fans to include a message of support for the team on our ‘Hill 16 wall.’ The interface showed the profile pictures all of the fans who had made a comment on the Hill 16 stand with Facebook friends clustered together on the stand. Fans could also change their profile pic, via the app, to the official Dubs supporters app. We started the campaign with just over 5,000 fans and ended with over 30,000. 38% of all page traffic visited the Wishes Wall providing almost 12,000 likes.

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