Smarter Than You

While Nokia are the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile phones, they are not so well known for high-end smartphones. Our online campaign went some way to correcting this misconception, with a simple challenge: Are you smarter than a Nokia N8?

This fun quiz featured Olli, a slightly arrogant know-it-all with a long list of clever questions, and some sharp put-downs.
Despite his slightly arrogant tone, Olli proved very popular – so much so that in the 4 weeks of this campaign it achieved 8,630 new likes, an increase of 106% overall and an increase in like rate (the key Facebook activity metric) of 2,409%.

And let’s not forget the really important stuff – selling. Sales of the Nokia N8 attributed to this campaign increased by a remarkable 42%.

The campaign included a Facebook competition, a series of banner ads and some really smart interactive page takeovers.
And it picked up a Bronze medal for Best Online Campaign at the Digital Marketing Awards 2012.

Smarter than your granddad’s Sunday shoes, As Olli would say?


Smarter Than You

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