Raindrop Packaging

Raindrop is a true challenger in the drinks market. Uniquely in the Irish market, Raindrop seals its vitamins and flavour in a patented airtight pocket, keeping them at maximum freshness until the minute of consumption, when the user breaks the seal, and mixes up the drink with a quick shake of the bottle.

The packaging design had to inform the user of this groundbreaking approach, while also indicating that this is a flavoured vitamin drink. There also had to be consideration of allowing the consumer to enjoy the ritual : there’s plenty of clear space to see the dramatic change when the flavours drop into the mineral water in a beautiful burst of colour.

Extensive use of white panels against a clear background ensured that the design is equally effective both before and after the colour change.

Raindrop Packaging

Raindrop-2bottles Raindrop-orange-packagingbreakdown Raindrop-orange-sidesx3 Raindrop-red-packagingbreackdown Raindrop-red-sidesx3 Raindrop-Tears

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