When we were planning the Nokia Qwerty video display campaign we felt that there was an opportunity to deliver another highly engaging Facebook experience for Nokia, following on from the success we had enjoyed with our previous campaign for Nokia – Smarter than you.

The game was based on the classic Carnival game ‘Duck Shoot’, fitting perfectly with the guiding insight of the Qwerty campaign, ‘being in Control,’ as it required manual dexterity and control. The user is presented with a moving display of ducks, some of which randomly have one of the 6 letters of QWERTY.  Players need to have very fine control over the gun to shoot the target before it disappeared. 

The results blew our mind with 7,968 new likes (+215% over campaign target), 22,938 entries (+1,146 over campaign target), and a 36% increase in sales during the 7 week period of the campaign. Holy flaming duck!


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