Operation Transformation

We recently worked with RTE on the website for the 6th season of RTE’s hugely successful Operation Transformation.  

The show’s concept is that a group of ‘Leaders’ follow a customised day-by-day fitness and diet regime designed to help them lose weight, gain fitness, and transform their lifestyles from horrible to healthy. The leaders cover a range of body types and fitness levels, so viewers can pick one whose general body type and fitness level is a reasonable match for their own, and follow the customised plan themselves. 

As such, the site is an important part of the Operation Transformation experience, and is featured heavily in the television show itself. Tens of thousands  of viewers check in to the website every day to find their daily diet and exercise plans, and to keep track of their progress.

Operation Transformation




Follow the Leader

The core of the site is the Leader’s page. Our design presents the content in a clear and accessible way. The leader’s transformation statistics are presented clearly at the top of the page, and there’s a big and beautiful interface for showing at which day of the 48 day plan the leader is at, and allowing the user to select a different day if their regime began later.

Once a user has selected a leader, the site will always offer a shortcut back to that leader’s page, a small but significant streamlining of the user experience.


Content Detail

The fitness and dietary details are displayed clearly in video and text formats, and the key navigation elements are clear and simple to use, showing an ideal combination of attractive design and usability (because they’re not opposites, you know). 

The site allows users to step away from the daily structure, and browse through the full range of fitness and diet information, including all the videos and recipes.


Mobile Site

A key part of the project was developing a mobile-friendly version of the site. The first step was to work out how to supply streamlined content,  appropriate to the the smaller screensize. We also used a number of touch-friendly features to aid navigation through the rich content. The result is a mobile site that’s very consistent with both the look and feel of the full website, and is a rich and rewarding mobile experience in its own right.


Site Structure

The site structure has been overhauled and simplified, to make it as easy as possible to add to modify the content consistently throughout the site.

 The separation of the content into logical blocks, eg. recipes into ingredients, method, calories per serving, time required.. etc., will make it easy to use next year regardless of how the site will be designed.

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