1 Day for Rehab

Rehab is one of the biggest charitable organisations in Ireland, providing essential care to people with disabilities across their nationwide network of care centres, as well as providing educational training and employment opportunities to people with learning difficulties and serious disabilities.

Uniquely for a charitable organisation of its scale, Rehab is well known name, but not a well known charity that requires support from the general public to help upkeep its essential services. In 2009, we started working with Rehab to develop their national fundraising day. The main priority in the first couple of years was to create an event that pulled the entire organisation together under one umbrella event which would help to raise awareness of Rehab and its services at a local level.

As we head into our 3rd year, 1 Day for Rehab has become one of the biggest events on the calendar for the fundraising team. It has also successfully engaged the entire network of care and educational centres across the country, becoming a central part of community outreach and local fundraising for each Rehab Centre.

In 2012, we are looking forward to broadening the notoriety of 1 Day for Rehab, and the Rehab organisation itself. The next phase of the campaign will focus on involving members of the public, now that we have successfully engaged and established the event across the vast Rehab network.

1 Day for Rehab

1 Day for Rehab Website

The site is the hub of the event promotion, with listing of hundreds of events taking place all over the country. The site is integrated with Facebook Events, allowing anyone to organise and promote their own fundraising activity, and also with for sponsorship.



In 2011, the showpiece event for 1 Day for Rehab was a sponsored swimathon, for which we developed a simple microsite, which enabled online registration for the event.

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