Net Result

For UNICEF Ireland, we developed a Malaria campaign that went beyond the usual mailer. We built a simple site as the hub as the campaign, containing the basics about Malaria; who it kills, and where in the world help is most needed. The site included an online donation system and gave continuous feedback on the progress of the campaign.

Then we used online advertising, permission email, Facebook, Twitter and traditional direct mail to bring users to the site.

We also used a piece of groundbreaking technology to give a practical demonstration of where the money would go: using Augmented Reality, users could hold the Direct Mail they received in front of their web cam, causing a 3D image of a child to appear on screen. By simply clicking on the image, a Mosquito net would appear, protecting the child, and demonstrating that the power to save a life is – almost literally – in their hands.

And all for the cost of a tradtional Direct Mail campaign.

Net Result

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