Northern Bank

Mobile Banking Homepage Takeover

Northern Bank was the first bank in Northern Ireland to provide true mobile banking to its customers through its excellent smartphone app. We managed the online elements of a province-wide campaign launching the app, with a display advertising campaign. Unusually for the bank, it was felt that the introduction of this innovative technology justified a takeover of the Northern Bank site homepage.

Our execution combined a dramatic reveal with a strong call to action and a video that introduced the product to the bank’s customers.

The campaign helped Northern Bank demonstrate its credentials as a technology leader in its market, and despite Northern Ireland having a lower-than-average take-up of Internet Banking in general, the mobile banking app has been a huge success. The campaign objective was to achieve 15,000 downloads in 2011; this target was achieved and surpassed within 2 months of the campaign going live.

Mobile Banking Homepage Takeover

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