Key Circle Branding

Focus Ireland’s most effective fundraising tends to target a wide audience, illustrating the plight of the homeless, and the scale of the problem. While this has been a very successful fundraising tactic it fails to build a deeper relationship with their most valued donors who by regularly donating are demonstrating that they are well aware of the basics of the issue.

By inviting these donors to become members of a Giving Inner Circle, Focus lets them know that they are valued members of their family, and creates a platform for communicating in more appropriate way. Rather than constantly illustrating the problems of homelessness, and highlighting the need for support, communications with this group places much greater emphasis on the successes that their donations have helped achieve.

It also makes official what was a casual relationship. It turns an external support group into an inside group, giving them a sense of ownership and a closer relationship with the brand.

Introducing the Key Circle.

In developing a brand for this group, we introduced the name of the “Key Circle” as this communicates how the group is an “inner circle”, that their contribution is a vital one, and it plays on the concept of a Key as a symbol of the end of homelessness.

The visual device is a simple ring, which in combination with the typography, forms a key shape. The double-line also refers to a keyring.

The Key Circle brand is built upon the visual building blocks of the parent Focus branding. It uses monochrome images and a darker palette to demonstrate that it’s a premium sub-brand.

We also produced the Direct Marketing to launch the brand, communicating with prospective members with a personalised letter, an introductory brochure and custom-designed landing page on the Focus website (also designed and developed by yours truely).


Key Circle Branding


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