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Heineken Cup Predictor App

The Heineken Cup Predictor allows fans to compete online the way they do in the pub, by predicting the outcome and margin of upcoming games. The insight behind the App was that fans were finding traditional ‘fantasy team’ games too complex and time consuming so we wanted to develop a fun game that was as easy as possible to play and engage with. We also wanted it to be as inclusive as possible — you could join in even if you’ve missed a week or two.

The very nature of the scoring system was designed specifically so that if fans of the page wanted to play, but didn’t register before the first round of matches, they still had a great chance of catching up! The prize fund also encouraged this – even by topping the leaderboard on one round got you free match tickets.

Thousands of rugby fans across Europe have taken part so far during the 2011/12 season and we are looking forward to even more fans taking part during the 2012/13 season.

Heineken Cup Predictor App

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