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Fusion and Street

The Kilkenny Food Company recently launched a new soup brand on the Irish market. Fusion and Street soups combine the flavours of street food from Bangkok, Marrakesh, Mexico City and Mumbai, with the quality and richness of Irish ingredients. 

The website we designed for Fusion and Street is big, bold, and rich, with high quality photography, and eye-catching typography. Dramatic black and white images capture the excitement of the street markets, and contrast nicely with the large, brightly lit pack shots used to showcase the product itself.

The site contains a series of large, boldy-designed panels, all contained on a single page. These panels display the product, tying in with the advertising campaign, introduce the concept behind the brand, and showcase the full range of flavours in a dramatic, interactive way. 

Although (or perhaps because) the site is contained fully on a single page, it provides a surprisingly complete user experience. There is enormous visual variety between the various sections, which add up to a single, seamless design, adding to the overall impression of richness. 

Throughout the site, the attention to detail in both the design and in the build enhances the sense of quality. 


Fusion and Street

Fusion and Street


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