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Focus Ireland Website

We revamped the Focus Ireland website with a from-the-ground-up overhaul of the structure, functionality, and look and feel of their website.

Focus have three important audiences: their donors (and potential donors), policy-makers, and most importantly, those facing homelessness. The website redesign caters in distinct ways to these various groups.

The bulk of the site is addressed to donors. We needed to demonstrate the seriousness and scale of homelessness in Ireland, and show how effective Focus Ireland can be in helping those in need. The homepage now does a great job of showcasing many fundraising opportunities, and the various ways that people can help, as well as giving donors a strong sense that their money isn’t wasted – which, given public concern over the wastefulness of a number of charities, is an especially important message.

As Focus Ireland deal every day with the realities of homelessness, most of their services are very localised. The homepage carries an unmissable, and cleverly designed “looking for help” panel, that enables people at risk of homelessness to quickly find the right source of help for them.

We also simplified the design of the payment process for donors, making it far easier to donate online. This is tied to a homepage panel which illustrates exactly what Focus can achieve with donations of various sizes.

The design also takes into account the need for hard-hitting landing pages in support of the various campaigns that Focus run, tightly integrating with off-line communications.

And it’s all built on a flexible content management system that gives the client complete control over content updates.

Focus Ireland Website


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