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Codec DSS Website

For 30 years Codec-dss has delivered enterprise scale applications and infrastructure solutions in Ireland and Europe.

Their wide range of expertise in both hardware and software is difficult to summarise, and their marketing communications had tended to be a shopping list of technical products and capabilities. While this was very effective with an audience of Chief Technical Officers, it fails to illustrate how these technical skills solve real world problems, and it fails to speak to a wider audience of CFOs and CEOs, who are often important decision makers in large technical projects.

A strong focus on Case Studies demonstrates how Codec DSS’s IT skills and products are combined to solve a wide range of problems, speaking to a wider audience in a more engaging way.

The design is clean and modern, with well-balanced use of Codec DSS’s corporate colour scheme, strong marketing panels, and a powerful navigation system. The site is fully responsive, and all navigation and content has been carefully optimised for a range of screen sizes.

Codec DSS Website

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