Bernard Dunne's Bród Club

Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club Teaser Campaign

Bernard Dunne, the former world champion boxer, was taking on a new challenge; spearheading a campaign and a TV show to encourage as many people as possible to show pride in their heritage by using more Irish in their daily lives. (The word Bród chosen for the campaign is based on the Irish word for “pride”.)

We realised that at the heart of people’s stories about their use – or not – of Irish is a deep and often complicated relationship, complete with guilt, resentment, regret, and more than a little hope.

We devised a teaser campaign that highlighted and played on these emotions. We asked some proper famous people (even the mercurial Paul McGrath!!!) how they felt about Irish. The stories they told were fascinating.

In the first phase of the campaign, the posters offered an intriguing glimpse into the celebrities’ deeply personal relationships. Only in the second phase did we reveal that they were actually talking about their relationships with the Irish language.

The teaser posters also drove people to a covert site – – where they could see videos of the full range of 12 celebrities.

The response was terrific, with the teaser campaign generating a huge amount of coverage in the press and on blogs and discussion forums. And, happily, the show has been a great success, with over 2.5 million viewers.

Something we are all very proud of.

Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club Teaser Campaign

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